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The Premier Supplier of Industrial Forklift Tyres for Sale

In just ten short years, we have established a global network which encompasses countries from all around the world. We are continually looking for ways to push the innovative design and performance of our products to the next level to and provide our clients with the very best in industrial forklift tyres for sale, and service whether in Melbourne, Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia. We offer everything from all terrain tyres, full range of forklift tyres including to non-marking and press on band (POB) products tyres suitable for indoor use. We boast have an immense range of styles and sizes to accommodate essentially any industrial vehicle.


Our Forklift Tyre Services Ensure Your Fleet is Always in Operation

Coupled with our leading range of products, we also offer ing industrial onsite tyre services for rapid turnaround times on repairs or replacements. We understand that many industries maintain their competitive edge by minimising possible delays and optimising their worktime efficiently. This means they require all of their vehicles to remain operational and in peak performance. It is for this reason that we deliver immediate onsite tyre services to ensure your productivity is impacted as little as possible. We boast have a fleet of mobiles presses which grants us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently, to offer a reliable resolution and services.

Buy Our Superior Products for a Variety of Applications

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our solid rubber tyres are used globally by industrial and commercial businesses who require versatile and durable products. As solid tyres do not require to be inflated with air, this grants them greater loadbearing capabilities and a much longer lifespan. Air-based tyre can prove uneconomical for many industrial fields as they are prone to punctures or untimely flats. Especially on construction sites where forklifts are expected to traverse uneven and debris littered surfaces, punctures are just waiting to can happen often. This is where our solid tyres will excel and ensure you’re not held back by constant repairs and productivity hindering delays.

Discover Why We’re Global Leaders

For those who want to buy our industrial forklift tyres available for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne, or elsewhere in Australia get in touch with us today and one of our professionals will gladly assist. Leave us a message on our contact page and we’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


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